Kalen El Riku Haruno Father Leary docgooden javboy ...
3 tourists

You are Gronko Bigchin. You have 50 Hit Points and 0 Experience Points. You have 12 Action Points remaining.

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You are inside the Amis Building. You are at your desk, surrounded by plastic cups and loose paperwork, putting the finishing touches to a spreadsheet. Also here are Kalen El, Riku Haruno, Father Leary, docgooden, javboy and Grewal.

There are three tourists here.

Since your last turn:

  • The rain stopped. (seven hours ago)
  • Prudence emailed you some figures. (six hours ago)
  • Caesar Augustus brought you a coffee. (three hours ago)
  • Steg O Sawus read their newspaper. (three hours ago)
  • James Minus called a meeting. (two hours ago)
  • The sun came out from behind the clouds. (three minutes ago)

Possible actions:

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You are 12% encumbered.