Sparkler Bomb Sizes

1) Domestic - up to 100 sparklers. Suitable for use in (relatively) small areas, as a demonstration of the concept. Good value for money, but not particularly impressive.

2) Small - From 101 to 500 sparklers. Darn impressive if you've never seen a bigger bomb.

3) Regular - From 501 to 1000 sparklers. The 1000 sparkler bomb is the ISO Standard One Kilosparkler (1ks) Crowd-Pleaser.

3) Large - 1001 sparklers and up, using only standard 10 inch sparklers. Bombs above 1ks are not as impressive as their sparkler count might suggest; burn time starts to increase, total blast height stays the same, and they become more and more annoying to assemble.

4) Bloody large - Covers composite bombs incorporating sparklers longer than 10 inches, possibly to the exclusion of 10 inch sparklers altogether. 14, 18 and 24 inch sparklers are available, but they are better employed as hand-outs to the crowd than as bomb components.

5) Preposterous - Any sparkler bomb that is hard to lift.






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