Signs That You Might Not Be The Brightest Bulb On The Tree 

You think pronouncing "." as "dot" is cool and hip, as in "You’re tuned to Easy Listening FM on one-oh-four-dot-one megahertz…"

You spell "Web site" as "Web sight" without having a learning disorder to excuse you.

Someone says "You know it’s always in the last place you look" while you’re searching for something and you reply "Well, not always…"

While driving, you zoom into someone’s path on a roundabout instead of giving way and, when beeped, slam on the brakes, to maximise the chance of a T-bone collision

You keep track of the lottery numbers that have come up because you’re under the impression that those that haven’t been drawn for a while are "due".

You think that living forever has to be a good thing.

You have ever seriously said "I’m not a racist, but…"

You’re not entirely sure if it’s OK to lust after your spouse.

You were sick, and you did something, and you got better, and you now recommend whatever you did as a cure for whatever you had, with no other evidence.

You think Jack Chick’s got some really important things to say.

You vote for single-issue candidates, even though you have an opinion on more than one topic.

You think Star Trek: Voyager is Great Science Fiction (bonus points if you like Neelix).

You think Babylon 5 is Lousy Science Fiction (bonus points if you loathe Zathras).

You think everyone needs to squirt lots of stuff up their butts regularly.

You find something in this list really offensive.

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