Fields of Conflict author responds!

On the 26th of July, 1998, I receved email from one Don Maisch ( Don was the compiler of the "Fields of Conflict" document which Harmonic Products used as "supporting evidence" for their EMPower Modulator (see My Clash With The Quacks). Don was NOT, however, aware that his work was being used in such a capacity - indeed, he said "I just about choked on my coffee" when he saw my reference to it!

And I quote:

I am the person who compiled that report, as researcher for the then Senator Robert Bell in Tasmania. We have NEVER approved of these devices and in fact have advised people that all these devices are worthless. To find that my report is being used to flog these things is abhorrent.

Fields of Conflict is now out of date and copies are not available. I have been continually updating this report for a possible book but have shelved this project for several reasons, the main one being that such books only encourage the wacko devices cottage industry.

EMF may be considered a possible risk factor for a number of health problems, but not necessarily more than a host of other environmental factors. I was in Sydney for a meeting last year and had to comment that I would be more concerned about the air pollution that I was breathing than the nearby powerline. Perception of risk is important. I have seen cases where one's fear of EMFs can be more of a problem than the actual exposure. The Harmonic people play on this and unfortunately have used my report to foster fear, and then play on that fear to flog modulators and a host of other equally dubious devices.

I have found that, in Melbourne at least, there are people who claim to be qualified EMF home surveyors and also suppliers of Harmonic products. A good combination. - They invariably find "harmful" fields and rather than trying to eliminate these fields, flog a power modulator to eliminate all problems.

I think that it is time that a coordinated effort be made to stop this industry in its tracks because it is expanding. Just the other day I was contacted by some character setting up a "purple plate" business in Melbourne. Another crowd is "EMR Clearers" based in Alstonville NSW. Any advice on the best way to proceed I would seriously consider acting on.

I never thought Fields of Conflict was in any way supportive of Harmonic Products' claims - as I say in My Clash With The Quacks, even if electro-magnetic fields are a major health risk, and there's no reason to suppose that they are, this only means a device that does what the EMPower Modulator is claimed to do would be A Good Thing, and in no way implies that the Modulator actually performs as advertised, or that any device COULD.

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