Sparkler Bomb Pictures

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Drum roll, please. A Person Who Shall Remain Nameless, assisting with the final assembly of a sparkler bomb that makes it into the Bloody Large category. Ten inch sparklers at the base, 28 inchers in the middle. Note the newspaper under the bomb - this was used to help hold together the unwired clump of sparklers during assembly. The paper will also catch the inevitable plethora of tiny sparkler-stuff fragments that's left behind by bomb assembly, which makes it easier to pile up the dust and torch it later.
Unimpressive little glowing thing. Ignition! The bomb, stabbed into a hay bale that had no idea its evening was going to be this exciting, has just started.
Somewhat more impressive glowing thing. The vertical line is an artefact of very bright light on the video camera's CCD. It makes the situation look like a test firing of the primary weapon of an ID4 saucer, but it's not really there.
NOW we gettin' warm. Just getting going. Observe distinctive Australian flora, and distinctive Australian Crowd O' Drunks (accept no imitations).
Mummy! Yee-haw! Oversaturation of the video camera CCD gives the impression that the entire crowd has been swallowed up in a cloud of flaming death, which is not actually the case. But hey, it's a hell of a picture.
Chuck another Ewok on the barbie! Ramping down (T equals about 3 seconds), with the spark-blast falling through the rising smoke cloud.
Lovely billowing smoke cloud Up comes the smoke. Spectators too close to the action dodge small hot falling things.
Mushroom Clouds Are Our Friends Nice mushroom cloud, eh?
That's all, folks! Show's over. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

How the heck do I make these things?

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