What's New on Dan's Site


Still waiting for Harmonic to actually sue me, as they promised to do more than three weeks ago. Put up a page on the subject of the latest legal foolishness here.


Was the proud recipient of an actual legal nastygram from Harmonic Energy Products.


Added a couple more cats-the-size-of-elephants to the bottom of Tom's page.


I've been threatened with legal action again. Ooh. I'm scared.


Don Maisch has received an earful from a Harmonic Products spokesperson. So he's giving them the opportunity to put up or shut up.

November 1998

What's new on this site? Not much. But my NEW site, www.dansdata.com, is up! Visit it! Now! I command you!


Added Why I Have A Bug Up My Ass About The Mining Company.

C'mon, with a title like that, you've GOTTA read it.


Tom now has his own page. Size does matter.


Dang it, drink.com just came back again. No matter. I'm sticking with the new home.


Another new home for the site. Since drink.com has vanished without trace, I have installed myself at fromorbit.com!


I just received email from the author of Harmonic Products chief piece of "supporting evidence". He's not happy with them!


Some time this morning, some BASTARD broke into my 1:1 scale car and stole the Mini and the Mammoth! More info here.


A somewhat condensed and de-rantified version of My Clash With The Quacks will be appearing in Electronics Australia magazine's July issue. I submitted it many moons ago, but they run really long lead times. EA has been running a series on electro-medical oddities, and I'm happy to contribute!


Twiddled The Quacks Strike Back a bit. Added the Legal Inaction page.


A not-insignificant update to The Quacks Strike Back. No, it's _not_ an April Fools prank - but the Omega Acubase is starting to look like a pretty bad joke...


Finally got around to putting up a page for the Mini.


Added The Quacks Strike Back, an update on the events of the last week or so. Gave good old My Clash With The Quacks another polish.


Moved site to its new home at drink.com.


Came to the attention of Mark Millman. Two days later, lost my site.

Started hugely amusing shitfight.


Transparently grabbing for controversy and feedback, added Signs That You Might Not Be The Brightest Bulb On The Tree.


In a desperate attempt to avoid actually writing something, added a handful of quotes to the index page and a pearler from Ann Landers to the Mottoes page.


Added an MP3 of me noodling on the keyboard. If you don't know how to play MP3 sounds, try this site.


Moved the site to a new home at www.wingsnthings.com.au. Enjoyed the inimitable stimulation of resubmitting site to search engines and glumly resigned myself to losing legions of faithful fans when old web server kicks the bucket.


Added one single solitary Motto suggested by someone else. The Mottoes page hasn't exactly taken off like wildfire.


Another fresh pic or two, and a brand new page on Building A Bulbulator. Well? What are you waiting for?


Added a picture of myself to the main page.

Shut up. It's new, ain't it?


The Mammoth's in bits! Find out why.


A new toy has joined the strange, misshapen creatures on the R/C Toys page. It will feel very, very nervous sitting there in the darkened workshop with The Others. I think they may make it squeal like a pig.


Updated My Clash With The Quacks to the official gold standard ISO certified version. Read more about the No Risk Disk and why Harmonic Products appeared to be breaking the law!


I just became ordained into the Universal Life Church. I recommend you try this. It's worth what you pay.

Don't believe me? Here's my certificate.

I also ordained the cat.

Added My Clash With The Quacks, the never-before-told tale of what happened when someone with an ounce of skepticism meets a room full of New Age gadget-lovers.

May 1997
Site goes live. Spontaneous parades break out and public holidays are declared all over the civilised world.

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